Traditional Designs of the
Kyogoku Clan

Enjyukaku Bekkan was reconstructed using parts of the fixtures such as ceilings, transoms, and decorative metal fittings from the Kyogoku clan’s residence in Tokyo. The design of the Edo period, which also resonates with modern aesthetics, evokes a timeless emotion.

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Enjyukaku Bekkan

Stay at “Enjyukaku Bekkan” located in the historic Marugame Castle site. Spend a luxurious night, reminiscing about the former castle lords.

floor plan

The building is a single-story wooden building with a total floor area of 120 square meters. The interior, which offers glimpses of traditional design unique to Japanese architecture with a taste for tea ceremony, is a private space for guests only.。

With views overlooking the serene expanse of the Sanuki Plain through the garden, the integration of the building, garden, and stone walls embodies quintessential Japanese beauty. One can’t help but wonder if the former feudal lords also gazed upon this elegant landscape.

Existing Wooden Castle Keep

Spend a special moment renting out the existing wooden castle keep of Marugame Castle. You can use it as a lounge where you can enjoy drinks in an atmosphere that will make you sense history with its superb location.

The Marugame Castle Main Keep, which boasts the highest height in Japan and stands on high stone walls, offers a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and the Sanuki Plain. The night lounge set up in the quiet castle keep is a special space where you can feel the eternal time of 400+ years of history since the castle was built.


Amenities include bags dyed with Sanuki Norizome pattern adorned with family crests