Experience Marugame's Culinary Delights,
Savoring With Aristocratic Refinement

From fresh seasonal vegetables to rare local seafood,
ingredients nurtured by our bountiful land are meticulously crafted by skilled chefs.
Indulge in dishes steeped in Kyogoku family heritage, epitomizing culinary excellence.


Dining at Marugame’s Cultural Properties

Indulge in extraordinary dining experiences set in special locations using exceptional ingredients. Enjoy the hospitality fit for feudal lords to the fullest.

From dinner at “Enjyukaku Bekkan” overlooking the castle town, to an exclusive evening drink at “Marugame Castle Keep,” rented out privately, and breakfast in the main house of “Nakazu Ochadokoro,” a designated cultural property within the famous scenic spot “Nakazu Bansho-en,” savoring a meal alone in these prime spots in Marugame is an irreplaceable experience.

Blessed with a warm and rainy climate, Marugame benefits from the sun’s blessings. From the Shiwaku fishing groundsofn the Seto Inland Sea in the north to the bountiful Sanuki Plain in the south, Marugame is a treasure trove of ingredients. Our chefs will prepare menus exclusively for guests using seasonal special ingredients, such as Kagawa Prefecture’s original asparagus, which is more than twice as thick and large as normal and can be enjoyed raw just after harvest.

Feudal Lord’s Dinner

A meticulously arranged authentic meal served on a lacquered tray adorned with the restored family crest of the Kyogoku clan, featuring the four-eyed knot pattern. Enjoy a variety of dishes while feeling like a feudal lord of the time.

Evening Drinks at Important Cultural Property

You can rent out the existing wooden castle keep and use it as a night lounge. Listen to the sound of the flute, and feel the atmosphere while enjoying specially prepared drinks and snacks.

We also offer special drinks such as cocktails made with fruits harvested in Marugame, local sake, craft beer, and Sanuki wine. Experience a luxurious moment befitting a feudal lord.

Enjoying drinks while listening to the sound of Japanese musical instruments and feeling the atmosphere adds to the experience.

Breakfast Overlooking a Scenic Spot

Enjoy a special breakfast served in the Omoya of Nakazu Banshoen’s Nakazu Ochadokoro. A variety of breakfast options made with ingredients from Shikoku, centered around Kagawa Prefecture are served.

Enjoy your breakfast with the large umbrella-shaped pine tree, aged 650 years, right before your eyes. Experience a sense of timeless tranquility and indulge in moments unique to Marugame, imbued with centuries of history.